Telecom Engineering Services

Services for Wireless Telecom


Network Deployment Service
Wireless and telecommunications service providers must continually expand their service offerings to keep up with the demands of their customers and the market for new and innovative services.

As new services are offered, a carrier must continually expand their network to meet and exceed capacity demands. The bottom line for the carriers is to offer these new services to attract new customers and retain existing customers, while ensuring an optimal customer experience.

Site development is essential to accomplishing these objectives. Utilizing existing sites to expand their network presence is cost effective, but requires a continual focus on upgrading existing infrastructure and technologies. In addition to utilizing existing cell sites, carriers must expand through new site builds. Site development requires a broad range of knowledge and experience to ensure it’s done effectively and efficiently.

SyncRoute provides a range of Site Development Services that can support clients at all stages of site development. We have deep expertise in providing the following essential Site Development Services.

Project Management
At SyncRoute we believe a formalized and controlled method of delivering services is critical to ensuring the success of any project. SyncRoute Project Management personnel assume responsibility and accountability to ensure delivery of project objectives, on time and at the highest level of quality.

SyncRoute Project Management responsibilities include:

  • Resource Planning
  • Process Development
  • Project Schedule
  • Project Budget
  • Project Status Reporting

With project processes clearly defined and project goals clearly communicated, SyncRoute Project Management personnel work closely with our clients to ensure key performance indicators are met throughout the project and that the project is completed in accordance with expectations.

Equipment Installation & Commissioning

SyncRoute understands and respects the impact installation and commissioning equipment has on the performance of our client’s networks. SyncRoute remains equipment agnostic and ensure our personnel are expert in the leading equipment used in the market. We engage from a perspective of providing quality service rather than just a quality installer.

SyncRoute Equipment Installation and Commissioning services include:

  • BTS Install, Commission and Integrate
  • BTS Augmentation / Cabinet Additions
  • Provisioning and Testing of T1 Circuits
  • Microwave Equipment Install, Path Alignment and Commissioning

RF Services

SyncRoute RF Services team is poised to support our clients in a variety of capacities, including: full turnkey projects, staff augmentation, or milestone based projects. The RF Services team is able to support all facets of a project or program, whether leading the initiative or supporting our clients internal resources. Our team includes Drive Testers to Principal Engineers, as well as Business Analysts to Program Managers. With our own dedicated training cell, SyncRoute is continually emerging the best and brightest talents to further enhance our team.

The following is a snapshot of the technologies and applications that SyncRoute has deep expertise working with:

  • CDMA – IS-95, 1xRTT, EV-DO
  • LTE / Advance LTE
  • WiMAX& Broadband Technologies
  • Microwave & LMDS
  • In-building & DAS Systems

Core services offered by our RF Services include:

Network Planning & Design
SyncRoute believes combining the right engineering tools with expert resources is the key to optimal network planning and design. SyncRoute personnel have helped our clients by leading greenfield market build outs, to upgrading existing networks to newer technologies. SyncRoute can take a lead role or augment our client internal team and perform functions such as; ring and network design, zoning, site turn up, and performance testing.

Performance & Optimization
Optimizing the performance of one’s network has tremendous impact on the bottom line. SyncRoute works closely with our customers to ensure they are maximizing network capacity, in order to reduce or eliminate excessive network cost. With improved performance, our customers reap the rewards of reduced operational costs due to better service and fewer customer complaints, which ultimately leads to reduced churn and increased customer retention and satisfaction.

Field Services
SyncRoute have expert resources ready to assist or lead our client’s field services initiatives. Our experts have performed projects around the globe for leading communications providers on such initiatives as; Drive Testing, CW Testing, Benchmarking, and more.

Competitive & Quality Benchmarking
Across a communications provider’s organization, it is imperative to have accurate and timely performance benchmarking data in order to keep ahead of the competition and ensure the best possible customer experience. SyncRoute can deliver trending analysis of markets, operators, vendors, or technologies to determine competitive positioning within markets and assist with strategy and planning. SyncRoute presents its findings in customized reports tailored to the audience, from network engineers to business executives.

Transport & Microwave Services
As data services continue to grow, so do the demands on the transport network. In addition, operators are looking for a lower cost alternative to address capacity requirements. Traditional backhaul technologies are typically expensive (i.e.: leased lines), therefore operators need a way to minimize OPEX and find an effective alternative. Microwave provides this option and SyncRoute RF Services teams can work with client’s to perform a variety of functions from turnkey design and implementation to assisting with site audits, architecture analysis, or cost and business case development.

Core Network Services
SyncRoute RF Services teams have deep expertise in core network technologies and can provide a range of services from network planning, design, optimization, to operations. Our Experts have worked with customers on ATM, IP, LTE, GPRS and HSDPA networks and continually work with clients to enhance and optimize their network and their competitive positioning.

In-building Solution
As with most SyncRoute service offerings, our In-building services can be performed in full turnkey projects or to assist in completing specific tasks within a broader customer project. Our expert resources are available to perform functions such as; market analysis, RF survey, cost analysis, DAS design and integration, project management, documentation, and more.

Operation & Maintenance (O&M)

SyncRoute offers premium quality O&M Services for Telecom Networks, rendered 24/7 to maintain the network elements and the associated BTS/Node B/BSC/MW infrastructure items of the sites. By attending to every detail, our proven and seasoned teams of project managers and master technicians eliminate the worry of critical processes related to management and operation of networks’ sites, facilities and assets. We provide preventive, corrective and recurring maintenance services to hundreds of telecommunication sites and facilities across the region. Our services help network operators extend their regional coverage, enhance network performance and focus on core business.

Operation Services
Include managing and enhancing the physical network; incorporating new technologies and enabling new services such as the adoption of GPRS, EDGE and 3G. We provide variety of solutions dedicated for network infrastructure management thus enabling the operators’ decision making, resource optimization, down time minimization and adoption of new technology for Signaling& Switching, Optical transmission and Connectivity.

Maintenance Services
Include on-site Maintenance whether Preventive, Corrective or Scheduled covering the base station equipment, telecom equipment, transmission and outsource equipment (air-conditions, shelters and their contents, power systems, tower/stub towers, generator sets, etc...) in addition to all site facilities and environment as well as interconnected hardware or devices. SyncRoute O&M teams include more than 50 master technicians and professional engineers, all backed up with state of the art technologies and technical training, offering 24/7 onsite services, teams include:

  • Mobile maintenance teams on the go team, respond for regular requests
  • Deployment Standby teams respond to Emergency Calls according to standard SLAs, 24x7
  • Site Resident teams operate, monitor, analyse and respond to any situation at critical locations.


The RAN Audit service provides operators with an independent view of the performance of the Radio Access Aetwork. It identifies areas of improvements and gives technical and strategic recommendations.
By partnering with SyncRoute, operators ensure stability and efficiency, delivering a consistent user experience that builds satisfaction and loyalty and a strong basis on which to grow their business.

Purpose of RAN Audit

  • Make a general evaluation of operator network performance
  • Double-check the current parameter setting and suggest alternative strategies
  • Share other OEM vendors knowledge and way of working
  • Provide recommendations on performance improvement and capacity limitations
  • Identify critical areas for further investigation

Benefits to Customer

  • Cost reduction of future optimization activities since the audit service provides input for correct scoping and priority setting
  • Increased Quality and end-user perception by fixing immediate issues
  • Unique competence transfer by providing operator with an external opinion on network performance and transferring knowledge of parameters, KPIs and process to the technical department
  • Strategic suggestions on where to concentrate investments creating a balance between network performance and required network resources
  • Improvement of the operator’s way of working through joint activities with our experts, using their global experience

Managed Services

In today's evolving telecommunications market, operators as well as OEM vendors are looking to save money while making the most of existing investments. Increased competition is forcing operators to focus on customer-facing operations and to allocate their non–core, back-end operations to vendors, which may include outsourcing network management and design.
Carriers and vendors have had long relationships, and operators trust vendors to know their gear and how to keep the network running smoothly. As such, more and more carriers are moving toward managed services as a way to do business.

A managed services solution's ability to make operators more efficient and cut costs is based on three major factors: service levels, skills and relationships. The service level agreement is an integral part of a managed services agreement. Customers benefit from the proactive response of vendors in adhering to SLAs and reducing mean time to repair.

SyncRouteCan provide qualified manpower of:

  • RF Planner
  • RF optimisation engineer
  • Transmission Planner
  • Drive tester
  • Co-ordinator
  • Data Analyser
  • RF & LOS survey engineer
  • EMF survey engineer
  • BSS Engineer
  • O&M engineer
  • NOC engineer
  • IBS planner
  • Project Manager


Services for Wireline Telecom

Optical SDH

Next Generation SDH Network Solutions
SyncRoute has gained comprehensive experience in optical SDH applications by providing consultancy, network design and installation/commissioning of medium and large-scale SDH applications for metro and long haul network. The choice of SDH depends on the requirements of the various utility sectors and Telco for capacity, protection features and facilities, and on the technology used in the existing networks.

SDH Network (Metro/Regional and Longhaul)
Due to the benefits of multiple protection facilities, flexibility, bandwidth and integrated services like Ethernet and ATM streaming, SDH based equipment has become a more cost efficient solution for most applications compared to PDH technology.

To maintain a high degree of reliability, our solutions offers complete equipment protection as well as traffic protection such as SNCP, 1+1 MSP and MS-SPRing, as well as combinations of protection schemes that are typically used for interconnection of ring networks.

Broadband (DSL or Cable)

All In One Broadband is a platform that provides single management interface with multi-OSS-functionality for the broadband access services, which contains equipment from different vendors and different network access technologies.

Today, broadband services for Internet users can be provided through different technologies such as the xDSL, Wi-Fi, 3G, LTE, WiMAX or fiber transmission solutions. Telecommunications service providers use different vendors to source these equipment and different infrastructures are built by considering their advantages and outstanding features. Service providers target, providing reliable, high quality services to end-users regardless of the access technology.

Service providers procure different technologies from different vendors to minimize technology risk and reduce the CAPEX by introducing multi-vendor competition. This typical decision process ends-up with infrastructures those are combination of wide variety of technologies and products. This type of multi-vendor infrastructure have some advantages but configuration and management of system is too complex, time-consuming and very costly.

SyncRoute offers AIO BB, a product that is easy to use and significantly reduces system administration costs as a general solution to all this type of configuration and management problems for the telecommunication service providers.

Basic Principle of AIO BB is to combine multi-vendor, multi-technology broadband access infrastructures into a single, easy to use multi-feature platform to reduce the OPEX , to increase the customer loyalty and reduce CHURN.